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GSN: Government Security News offers a rich suite of print and online media, events and award programs, along with e-mail broadcasting solutions for building your brand, generating sales leads and reaching agency heads, deputy agency heads, chief security officers and CISO’s in federal, state and local government, as well as security-related military officers, systems integrators and defense contractors.

Our readers, in short, are the decision-makers and buyers of Physical Security and IT Security products, solutions and services in the vitally important field of Homeland Security and Defense, where more than $60 billion per year is being spent by various levels of government. Expenditures for Homeland Security and Defense have been exempt from budget cuts by both political parties and are expected by most observers to increase regularly over the next 10 years.

For more information please reach out to CFO Adrian Courtenay at acourtenay@gsnmagazine.com


GSN Web Site

The new GSN Web site, located at www.gsnmagazine.com, is organized into nine Market Sector Channels and nine Technology Channels; repositories of comprehensive, in-depth coverage and information on every aspect of homeland security. Each Channel offers news, feature articles, commentary and opinion, plus listings of available White Papers, Webinars and video interviews, along with an up-to-date self-service Calendar of upcoming industry events in homeland security and related fields. The respective Channels on the new Web site include:

Market Focus Channels:

  • Airport/Aviation Security
  • Border Security
  • Federal Agencies/Legislative
  • Infrastructure Protection
  • Law Enforcement/First Responders
  • Maritime/Port Security
  • Military/Force Protection
  • State/Local Security
  • Security Services

Technology Channels:

  • Access Control/Identification
  • CBRNE/Detection
  • Communications
  • Cyber Security
  • Disaster Preparedness/Emergency Response
  • Education/Training
  • IT Security
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Video Surveillance


The GSN Web site is populated with a marvelous selection of prominent, but moderately-priced advertising configurations, which may be purchased on the Home Page or on any of the Channel Pages. These opportunities include:

Leaderboards                                    --  728 x 90 pixels

Large Rectangles                              --  336 x 280 pixels

Top-of-Page Franchise Strips             --  336 x 76 pixels

Wide Skyscrapers                            --  160 x 600 pixels

Half-Skyscrapers                              --  160 x 300 pixels

Footerboards                                    -- 728 x 90 pixels


“GSN Homeland Security Insider” Newsletter:

The GSN daily e-newsletter reaches a growing circulation of 40,000 recipients every business day. This audience is partially composed of subscribers to the monthly print edition, but the remainder of the circulation is composed of individuals around the world who opted-in through the GSN Web site.

The e-newsletter offers towers, banners, medium rectangle advertisements, plus a special lead-generating advertising configuration called the “Sponsored Product Advertisement.” In this configuration, the advertiser need only furnish a headline, a logo, 70 words of copy and a URL.


GSN’s Lead-Generating E-mail Broadcasts:

These lead-generating vehicles are sent out on a daily basis to the GSN proprietary e-mail list of  40,000.  No more than one broadcast per day is permitted for any of these products. A huge extra benefit for advertisers using these lead-gen products is that, after the initial broadcast, the White Papers, products or Webinars are promoted on the GSN Web site for an entire year.


GSN Homeland Security Awards Program

The Annual GSN Homeland Security Awards Program was designed to salute the dedicated government officials at federal, state and local levels, who have come up with outstanding homeland security projects and initiatives, as well as the innovative vendors of IT and Physical Security products and solutions, who produce the amazing technologies which protect our nation around the clock.

GSN’s First Annual Awards Program, 38 Awards were presented on Octcober 27, 2009 to a sold-out ballroom at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York, concluding with a presentation of the Fred V. Morrone Award to Ms Fran Townsend, who had been homeland security advisor in the George W. Bush White House. In 2010, 45 Awards were presented at a dinner which took place at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Washington, DC, at which four star General Barry McCaffrey (US Army-Ret) was presented with GSN’s 2011 Award for “Extraordinary Leadership and Service in Homeland Security.” Then, in 2011, the First Annual GSN/Raytheon Award for Distinguished Leadership and Innovation was presented to Admiral Thad Allen (US Coast Guard-Ret), for his exceptional service in leading the Coast Guard’s response to two separate disasters, Hurricane Katrina in 2009 and the BP Oil Spill in 2010.

For information on the GSN  Homeland Security Awards, contact CFO Adrian Courtenay at acourtenay@gsnmagazine.com

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