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Lieberman Software provides privileged ID management for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

Los Angeles, CA-based Lieberman Software reports the integration of its flagship privileged identity management solution, Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM), with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

The integration means that enterprises will have the ability to automatically discover and secure all privileged identities present on SharePoint Server sites, the company says.

'Privileged identities' are accounts that hold elevated permission to access files, install and run programs, and change configuration settings. They exist on most server and desktop operating systems, business applications, databases, Web services and network appliances in an organization, Lieberman Software notes, adding that enterprises that do not maintain frequently-changed, unique passwords for each privileged account face a threat of unauthorized users and malicious programs gaining unrestricted access to resources throughout the network should a single identity be compromised.

'Each SharePoint Server site could have its own set of privileged accounts, and finding and managing these accounts can be difficult,' Chris Stoneff, product manager at Lieberman Software, said in a statement. 'Consequently, most organizations' privileged account passwords for enterprise applications and services, such as SharePoint Server, are rarely changed. This can result in failed security audits and potentially costly data breaches. Fortunately, Enterprise Random Password Manager now provides complete management for all SharePoint Server privileged accounts.'