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IG reviews DHS contracts awarded through ‘other than full and open competition’

DHS’ Office of Inspector General (OIG) has released the results of its congressionally mandated review of the department’s contracts awarded during fiscal year 2009 through “other than full and open competition.”

In fiscal year 2009, the Department of Homeland Security obligated about $3.4 billion for procurements awarded through other than full and open competition, according to the OIG.

The questions at issue in the review were, Did DHS acquisition personnel comply with applicable laws and regulations in making the awards, and did they appropriately document and support their contracting decisions?

OIG answered those questions by reviewing of 39 contract files, with a reported value of more than $196 million.

OIG found that “acquisition personnel did not always follow federal regulations when awarding noncompetitive contracts. Award files did not always contain sufficient evidence of market research or adequate acquisition planning. “

Therefore, according to the review, DHS “cannot ensure that it received the best possible value on these acquired goods and services.”

OIG recommended that DHS’ chief procurement officer tighten controls over the process.