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U.S.-based company positioned to become a global ‘player’ in explosives trace detection

QS-B220 from
Implant Sciences

Implant Sciences is particularly proud of its patented “non-contact vortex collector,” which is an airflow device that could be incorporated into a portal version of an explosive trace detector that it might develop in the future. The Company’s vortex collector creates a cylindrical outflow of air -- creating what Company execs call a “tornado” effect -- at the body of the item or person being examined. The outer edge of this tornado revolves in one direction, strikes the person’s clothing or the item’s outer surface and dislodges any molecules that may be sitting there. Meanwhile, an inner column of air -- which rotates in the opposite direction -- creates a suction effect that draws the dislodged molecules into the filter, which then delivers the pre-concentrated sample directly to the detector in the portal device. Implant Sciences believes this technology dislodges and collects explosive molecules more effectively than any of its competitors’ comparable devices.

Relations with TSA – Perhaps most importantly, Implant Sciences has embraced the notion that winning TSA’s certification for its trace detection equipment is the key to its future. Its handheld device and its benchtop version currently are not included on TSA’s approved product list. Bolduc considers obtaining TSA’s blessing to be his number one priority. He acknowledges that many U.S. Government agencies will not purchase the Company’s trace detection equipment until TSA certifies it, and he also recognizes that many international customers -- whether governments or commercial businesses -- also look to TSA for its seal of approval. This has certainly been reflected in the Company’s sales to date -- out of over $30 million in total sales of explosive trace detection products, only $1 million has been sold in the United States thus far, while the remaining sales of devices have been sold overseas in 31 different countries, including China, India, Japan and Russia where the Company landed high-visibility sales to the Beijing Olympics, China Railways, Civil Aviation Administration of China, Japan Nuclear Power Plants, India Government and Russian airports, to name a few.

In cooperation with the Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL), Implant Sciences has helped TSA inaugurate the agency’s new Technology Optimization Partnership Process (TOPP), in which personnel at the TSL work side-by-side with the Company’s R&D staff, as Implant Sciences goes through the arduous process of trying to pass TSA’s Air Cargo Screening Qualification Test. The Company expects that to happen sometime this summer. By communicating with each other on almost a daily basis, and sharing data cooperatively, TSL and Implant Sciences are trying to develop a collaborative approach that is more efficient than the previous process, McGann explained.

Now that it has recruited a top-notch management team, lined up financial investors, developed state-of-the-art technology and launched an all-out campaign to win the approval of TSA, Implant Sciences is more than optimistic about the future.

The CEO recognizes this multi-pronged effort is an uphill climb. He recognizes that the Company continues to lose money on a quarterly basis, but he also believes that all of the hard work will begin to pay off in about 12 to 15 months.

Bolduc sees the global marketplace for his type of explosives detection technology as topping $1 billion. “I’ll take a 15 – 20 percent portion of that growing market anytime,” he says with a smile.


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