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Secret Service snipers will use highly-accurate, long-range shooting devices

SORD (right)
and ATrag MX


The U.S. Secret Service, whose snipers want to be able to bring down human targets more than a mile away on the very first shot, intends to purchase long-range shooting tools that combine a laser range finder with a software-based ballistics calculator (that takes into account wind speed, wind direction and spin drift.)    

In a recently-posted solicitation for a 100 percent small business set-aside contract, the agency indicated it plans to procure 10 “Shooter Objective Ranging Devices” (SORDs) -- which are comprised of a range finder, optics, digital compass and ballistic calculator -- plus an additional six stand-alone “ATrag MX” ballistic calculators.

“ATrag connects with laser range finders and weather stations,” explains Horus Vision, of San Bruno, CA, which is the likely manufacturer for the ATrag software portion of this proposed Secret Service procurement. “ATrag is smart enough to pull the data automatically from these instruments without manual input.”

The laser range finder will probably be supplied by Vectronix Inc., of Ashburn, VA. “In a flash, SORD creates versatile solutions for targets across multiple zones,” says Vectronix on its Website. “It reduces the possibility of human error and eliminates manual entry of ranging data.”

“At great ranges, CORIOLIS and spin drift affect aim,” explains Horus Vision on its Website. “C1 also changes during flight. MX takes these factors into account and has been proven accurate beyond 2,500 yards. Additional features include a target range estimator, target speed estimator, relative muzzle velocity vs. air temperature table, come-up table capabilities, and storage of multiple load/gun types.”

The set-aside solicitation was published on June 27. Further information is available from Neil Clark Lanzendorf, of the Secret Service, at 202-406-6657 or Neil.Lanzendorf@usss.dhs.gov.

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