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USCIS plans to roll out a warm welcome

The U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), a unit of DHS, has decided to greet thousands of international visitors to more than 200 of its offices and locations across the country by installing 310 vinyl posters that declare “Welcome” in English and hundreds of foreign languages on a design that features an outline of the Statue of Liberty.

The vinyl signs, which will measure slightly larger than 33-inches wide and 85-inches high, will be shipped to 218 different USCIS locations, says a statement of work released by the agency on August 14.

The contract will be awarded on a firm fixed price basis and will require delivery of the posters within 20 calendar days of the award -- probably well before the Obama administration faces the voters in the November presidential election.

On each poster, beneath the outline of Lady Liberty, will be the words: “We are USCIS. We are America.”