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VOTI imaging system qualifies for Canadian cargo screening

Voti XR3D-6

X-ray security systems developer VOTI Inc.’s 3-D perspective XR3D-6 system has been qualified through Transport Canada's Screening Equipment Qualification Approval Process (QAP) for Air Cargo Security (ACS), said the company on Sept. 4.

The system, it said, will now be included on the Qualified Equipment and Services List applicable to the ACS program. Transport Canada's Air Cargo Security Program is a similar program to the U.S. TSA Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP), it said.

 "This latest government qualification is an important milestone for both VOTI and the clients we serve," noted William Awad, president and CEO of VOTI. "Having successfully passed through Transport Canada's rigorous evaluation process, we are proud to offer 3-D perspective technology to clients in the aviation cargo sector worldwide."

VOTI Inc. is a privately held Canadian technology company specializing in the designing, developing and producing new-generation x-ray security scanners. Powered by an innovative proprietary software platform, VOTI said its 3-D perspective technology provides sharp and revealing x-ray images, along with broad threat detection and material identification capabilities, at competitive prices.