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TSA finds inert bazooka round in luggage

O'Hare bazooka round

TSA agents around the country continue to find inert grenades and other dangerous-looking novelty items in airline passengers’ bags.

One of the latest discoveries during the week of Dec. 31 was an inert World War II –era bazooka round found in a checked bag at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Bazookas were common anti-tank weapons in World War II that used a rocket-propelled grenade which carried a high explosive charge that weighed over 1.5 pounds.

TSA “Blogger Bob” Burns said TSA agents continue to find inert hand grenades and other weaponry on a weekly basis. He said the items resembling realistic bombs, mines, grenades are prohibited in checked and carry-on bags because, when they’re found at a checkpoint or in checked baggage, they can cause significant delays. “I know they are cool novelty items, but it is best not to take them on a plane,” he said.

Burns said five inert/novelty grenades were discovered at four different airports the week of Dec. 31; two in checked baggage at Denver International Airport and one each in checked baggage at Tri-cities Regional Airport in eastern Tennessee, and Ontario International Airport in Ontario, CA. Another grenade was discovered in a carry-on bag inside of an ammo can at Manhattan Regional Airport in Manhattan, KS.

An inert M-60 grenade fuse igniter was detected in a carry-on bag at Tampa International Airport, said Burns.

Along with the dummy grenades, TSA agents turned up 11 stun guns in carry-on baggage at airport checkpoints across the country the same week, including two in luggage at San Francisco International Airport; one each at South Carolina’s Columbia Metropolitan Airport, and Orlando International Airport in Florida. TSA agents at airports in Monroe, LA, San Jose, Denver, Baltimore and Washington D.C. also discovered inert grenades, said Burns.


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