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CBP to open its Global Entry trusted traveler program to citizens of four additional nations

Traveler using a
Global Entry kiosk

CBP’s Global Entry trusted traveler program, which currently is open only to U.S. citizens and permanent residents, Mexican nationals and some citizens of the Netherlands, has been opened up effective August 9 to certain citizens of South Korea, Germany, the UK and Qatar.

Initially, participation in Global Entry, which allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers to enter the United States more expeditiously, using kiosks at designated U.S. airports, will be open to South Koreans who are participants in their country’s Smart Entry System (SES); Germans who participate in their nation’s Automated and Biometrics-Supported Border Controls (ABG) Plus; as well as a limited number of citizens of Qatar and the UK.

“CBP expects at some later point to expand eligibility to include all citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany, all citizens of the State of Qatar and all citizens of the United Kingdom who otherwise satisfy the requirements for participation in the Global Entry program,” explained CBP in a notice it published in the Federal Register on August 9.

In addition, U.S. citizens who participate in Global Entry will have the reciprocal opportunity to participate in the South Korean and German trusted traveler programs as well.

Further information is available from Larry Panetta at 202-344-1253 or