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Curtiss-Wright and Harris collaborate to bring pre-validated digital moving map solution to COTS

Ashburn, VA, October 29 - Curtiss-Wright Corporation today announced that its Defense Solutions division, in collaboration with Harris Government Communications Systems, has introduced the new FliteScene® Digital Mapping Solution, its latest pre-validated, pre-tested System Ready Application (SRA). The new SRA combines Harris’s popular FliteScene Digital Moving Map software with a range of Curtiss-Wright’s pre-integrated rugged single board computer (SBC) and high performance GPU-based display graphics controller board sets. The resulting SRAs, which are marketed and supported by Curtiss-Wright, provide avionics system integrators with an open architecture COTS-based digital moving map solution for embedded avionics systems that significantly reduces their design risk and time to deployment. The pre-validation and integration, provided by Curtiss-Wright, comes at no additional cost to the customer. Using the FliteScene SRA eases and speeds the integration of situational awareness and high performance digital mapping functions into embedded commercial and military avionics systems. 

The FliteScene SRA is proven and field qualified. Already deployed on several demanding rotary wing aircraft applications, this pre-integrated digital moving map solution has successfully demonstrated the ease of integration and high reliability of the combined Harris software & Curtiss-Wright hardware solution. 

“We are very pleased to collaborate with Harris to offer system integrators pre-tested and pre-validated cost-effective solutions for digital moving maps,” said Lynn Bamford, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Defense Solutions division. “Our System Ready Application approach eliminates the design risk associated with deploying new capabilities while they cut integration costs and time to market, helping to ensure the success of our customers’ system designs.” 

About FliteScene

Harris’s FliteScene Digital Moving Map product is a combat-proven, feature-rich digital mapping software solution that enables system integrators to seamlessly integrate critical situational awareness capabilities into demanding commercial and military airborne platforms. It provides scalable and configurable 2D and 3D terrain images, street maps, map overlays, and mission planning capabilities required for demanding aerospace, defense, law enforcement, fire, and search and rescue applications.  

FliteScene Performance Features: 

  • Capable of displaying raster maps in all relevant formats and scales in accordance with the requirements defined by DO-257.
  • 2D and 3D views for both cockpit and wingman, with extended scene and enhanced performance 
  • Map overlays for elevation, depth, vectors, targets, and other line-of-sight objects 
  • Multiple map underlay layers including terrain and bathymetry 
  • Multi-vehicle tracking and sensor footprint display 
  • Configuration via XML configuration files 
  • Multi-channel output with pan/zoom, and orientation capabilities 

The FliteScene Digital Moving Map SRA is available in a wide range of form factor and bus architecture combinations. For example, for VME systems, the SRA combines the FliteScene software with Curtiss-Wright’s 6U VME VME-186 SBC and XMC-715 graphics mezzanine card. For SWaP-constrained applications, a small form factor 3U OpenVPX™ configuration combines the FliteScene software with Curtiss-Wright’s VPX3-133 SBC and VPX3-716 graphics card. If other combinations of form factors, SBCs and GPUs is desired, Curtiss-Wright is able to support the FliteScene integration to meet the application’s unique system requirements. Contact the factory for more information. 

Software Support

Software support for the FliteScene SRA includes drivers for leading operating systems such as VxWorks®, INTEGRITY®, LynxOS®, Linux®, Windows®, and more.  

About Curtiss-Wright SRAs

Curtiss-Wright’s pre-verified SRA solutions reduce design risk from the process of integrating new application functionality into embedded systems without adding cost. Because the test and verification for the software and Curtiss-Wright modules has already been performed, SRAs ease the development of demanding deployed applications, including digital moving maps, situational awareness, and cockpit and vehicle displays. Using these pre-qualified and validated SRAs to HMI, Digital Maps and Cross Domain Solutions significantly speeds the integration of these capabilities into embedded systems.

SRA Advantages:

  • Complete hardware and software solution from Curtiss-Wright providing a single point of contact for the customer
  • Pre-tested and validated as an integrated solution
  • Minimizes design risk
  • Reduces cost and schedule

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