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Milton Security: Your organization's cyber security should be better fitted than grandma's bra

Fullerton, CA, January 5 - Milton Security Group Inc., the adaptive network cyber security appliance manufacturer, is proud to announce their 1MC-Labs Team services are now available to customers worldwide. 

Expanding on Milton Security's innovative and cost effective products, the previously internal only 1MC-Labs team is now offering its Blue Team Services, Vulnerability Management Expertise, Penetration Testing, and Incident Readiness and Response to customers.  Combining the wisdom gathered from advanced research and the execution of successful blue team scenarios over many years, 1MC-Labs is fully prepared to help organizations combat and prevent data security breaches.

"Offering the experience and broad based knowledge of 1MC-Labs was the next logical step in helping our customers secure their networks.  I'm very excited that we can extend our talented security experts to our customers," said James McMurry, CEO of Milton Security Group.  "Many organizations are being challenged to keep up with potential security threats without an experienced staff, and that is where 1MC-Labs comes in. And of course, no matter what the news tells you, Cyber Security is not just all about (or because of) China, it's about your organization's well being."

Milton Security's most popular network security appliance, the EdgeWall®, carries the reputation of being adaptive, user friendly, and highly effective in protecting networks across the board, from education to the government sector.  Milton Security's USBInformer product identifies and controls USB devices on Microsoft Windows based systems, mitigating potential harm from malware and BadUSB. The 1MC-Labs team continues and builds on that reputation by digging deeper into vulnerabilities and actively pursuing undiscovered threats for its customers.

For more information on the services 1MC-Labs provides, and how you can engage their services, visit  

About Milton Security Group, Inc.:

Over 500 companies suffered public data breaches in 2015. Milton Security's goal has always been to provide organizations with unparalleled levels of internal endpoint security. Milton Security's adaptive network access control solution, the EdgeWall®, provides peace of mind by giving a company complete control over who is on their network, what machine they're using, when they're on, and what they're doing with their access. For more than 8 years, Milton Security has ensured that C-level executives can rest easy, with complete confidence that their network is secure when using EdgeWall® technology.

For more information, visit or call (888)-674-9001.


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