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FPED VIII, Stafford, VA, May, 2011

FPED VIII, 2011: Matthew B. Gifford, Senior Director Government Sales, Custom Vault Corporation

Custom Vault designs and distributes modular vault systems of light weight concrete capacity, as well as rooms for armory storage, secret sensitive document storage and other government and military storage needs, according to Matt Gifford. The most critical issue for government vaults, he says, is that there are specifications that must be met, a requirement which Custom Vault typically addresses in the design phase. Government customers include the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, U.S. Marshalls, U.S. Senate and the Federal Reserve Bank.

FPED VIII, 2011: Dennis Cunningham, Auto Clear

Dennis Cunningham explains that Auto Clear manufactures three types of products: X-ray scanners, trace explosion and narcotic detection systems, and a full line of metal detection products. Markets served include police, bomb squads, military installations, border crossings, transportation, government buildings, airports, seaports and correctional facilities. Cunningham demonstrates the company’s Model BZ 8880M x-ray scanner, which specializes in contraband placed in a bag to be hidden.

FPED VIII: Joseph Reiss, VP Marketing, American Science and Engineering (AS&E)

AS&E is a pioneering manufacturer of X-ray detection systems for force protection, homeland security and customs and border applications, says Joe Reiss. Its Gemini™ baggage scanning system uses two complementary types of X-ray – conventional transmission X-ray and Z Backscatter™ imaging technology developed by AS&E that can see concealed organic and metallic threat items such as handguns or plastic explosives.

FPED VIII, 2011: David Natelson, President, Nasatka Security

Nasatka is a security system manufacturer and integrator, explains David Natelson. At FPED VIII, the company is demonstrating a set of solutions from a collection of Nasatka partners, including Ameristar Fence, QuinetiQ N.A., Patriot Barrier, Force One Decon and Drash Tents. Products on display include Nasatka’s towable vehicle barrier, which is deployed as a mobile solution, as well as Nasatka’ s wedge style barriers, crash beam barriers and decorative fences.

FPED VIII, 2011: Alan Martin, Sarnoff Corporation, Sales Engineer and Vince Paragano, Product Director, TerraSight.

Alan Martin describes the features and demonstrates Sarnoff’s iris recognition products. The magic in this Sarnoff technology, he says is in “how we capture the iris data,” which can be tied in with access control. The key is, “on the move and at a distance." He also describes and demonstrates a handheld, multi-modal device which uses facial recognition in addition to iris recognition. Vince Paragano then describes and demonstrates the many advanced features of the TerraSight suite of products, including the TerraScout Mobile Command Suite.

FPED VIII, 2011: Peter Kant, Executive Vice President, Rapiscan Systems, an OSI Company

Rapiscan is the Unites States’ largest provider of non-intrusive inspection equipment, according to Peter Kant. Its technologies are used in airport checkpoints and baggage inspections, military checkpoints and IED detection, inspections of cargo, vehicles and people in border protection, and in special events such as the Olympics and protection of prisons, court houses and other infrastructure. Rapiscan’s products use all non-intrusive technologies, ranging from X-ray, dual energy X-ray and high energy X-ray to gamma ray, trace, back scatter and metal detection.

FPED VIII, 2011: David Wachs, President Concentric Security

Concentric Security provides consulting and construction management services in building turnkey perimeter protection systems that meet federal guidelines and standards, according to David Wachs. The company’s consulting services start at the planning stage and include site visits, site surveys, site analysis, site layout, compliance advice and security engineering. Construction management services include installation and construction of the entire access control point, including training and follow-up maintenance.

FPED VIII, 2011: Dave Gavitt, Director of ActivIdentity division of HID Global

ActivIdentity deals in digital identity, says Dave Gavitt, publishing certificates and validating certificates with government CAC cards or PIV cards. The company’s biggest customer is the federal government, in which Actividentity handles the entire middleware market for DoD’s CAC card.

FPED VIII, 2011: Richard Woltjer, VP Marketing, Hy-Security Gate Operators

As a producer of hydraulic gate operators and the intelligent machinery that moves gates, Hy-Security is in the perimeter security business, says Richard Woltjer, with products ranging from small, 600-lb slide gates that are used in high-end residential applications to 20,000 lb industrial slide gates. In the government market, Hy-Security gate operators are in use at the Pentagon, the United Nations, Fort Knox, military bases, nuclear plants and just about every international airport.

FPED VIII, 2011: Tom Weis, Director of Sales and Marketing, Sentry View Systems

Sentry View’s three main areas of business, according to Tom Weis, are developing and designing custom-engineered surveillance nodes, such as the company’s RVA solution, which offers surveillance and motion detection in areas being protected; providing self-powered surveillance and lighting solutions for areas where there may not be any grid power; and building custom-engineered appliances to enhance security network oerformance.  The company’s list of products include appliances such as network digital video recorders, a prototype of an intelligent charge controller to manage wind tur


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