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ISC West 2011 Conference, Las Vegas, NV, April 2011

ISC West 2011: Andrew Stadheim, CEO, Barix Technology, Inc

Andy Stadheim is CEO of Barix Technology, Inc, in Oakdale, MN, which is the U.S. Distributor of Barix AG, a manufacturer of IP Audio products headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. He says the applications of Barix products are in broadcast satellite, mass notification, mass transit and other transportation agencies and facilities, including airports. Barix has always pushed open standards, according to Stadheim, with the result that the company is very good at networking and integrating dissimilar legacy analog and new systems.

ISC West 2011: Rich Anderson, VP Security and Surveillance, Detect, Inc

Detect, Inc was founded in 2003 as a provider of avian radar technology, which was used in aviation and in the space shuttle program to avoid bird strikes, according to Rich Anderson. But as it became evident that the technology was dual function and could also be used for video surveillance, the company adapted its products for border security and ground surveillance, which are both difficult because of the clutter of objects like cactus and sage brush.

ISC West: R.W. Foster, Director of Marketing and Sales, Quintron, Inc

Rick Foster identifies Quintron as a developer and manufacturer of interoperable voice and communications systems and interoperable security access control systems. He explains that the company was an early producer of advanced solutions for HSPD-12 compliance, focusing on the threat of cloned cards, using a technique called Challenge Response to detect modified, expired or cloned cards.

ISC West 2011: Sir William Gallagher, Managing Director, Gallagher Group, LLC

Sir William Gallagher, Managing Director of New Zealand-headquartered Gallagher Group, with US headquarters in Kansas City, explains that the company started in 1938 in electric fencing and now offers an integrated perimeter protection platform including electric fences, motion sensors, intruder alarms, biometrics and video surveillance. Customers include oil refineries, regulated industries and government facilities, not the least of which are Buckingham Palace and the British Parliament.

ISC West 2011: Christopher BenVau, Senior VP, Stanley Convergence, and Dr Keith Hanna, Co-Founder and CTO, The Hoyos Group

Christopher BenVau, Senior VP of Stanley’s federal team, which provides access control, video surveillance and intrusion alarm systems, introduces Dr. Keith Hanna, Co-Founder and CTO of The Hoyos Group, announcing that Stanley has been named exclusive distributor of the The Hoyos Group’s new, Iris-based biometric access control technology. The major breakthrough, says Dr. Hanna during an on-camera demonstration, is that previously, persons had to remain stationery while being identified, but now the system does the work and recognizes individuals as they walk through.

ISC West 2011: Joe McDonald, Board of Directors Member, ASIS

Joe McDonald, Board Member of the 37,000-member ASIS organization says the focus of ASIS is to increase the effectiveness and productivity of its members. ASIS educational programs include its Annual Conference, over 30 classroom events held around the world, and live Webinars for international members. ASIS has also been in standard writing for 5-6 years and has recently come up with a number of new certifications. The goals of 2011 President Ray O’Hara are to increase international outreach, engage more young professionals and create new international chapters.

ISC West 2011: Jasvir Gill, Founder/CEO, Alert Enterprise

Alert Enterprise is a security software company documenting all standards and providing insider threat management, prevention of suspicious activity and protection against acts of sabotage and terrorism. One of the keys, according to Jasvir Gill, founder and CEO, is that the software looks at what access people have. The company’s markets include Critical Infrastructure facilities such as utilities, oil and gas, airports, seaports, food and beverage concerns and chemical companies.

ISC West 2011: Gary Jones, Biometric Terminals Division, MorphoTrak

Gary Jones describes three new products, but not before asserting that MorphoTrak is the number one biometric fingerprint company in the world, responsible for 2 ½ billion fingerprints in 450 agencies and 100 countries, and ranked number one for accuracy of algorithms in NIST benchmark tests. MorphoTrak has now released a TWIC version of its J-Series, which is ideal for harsh environments, such as port operations. A new Contact-Based Reader for PIV and CAC applications suitable for use in the world’s largest airports is also available.

ISC West 2011: Duane Thompson, President/CEO, Fiber Sensys, Inc

The core competency of Fiber Sensys, says President/CEO Duane Thompson, is the ability to use fiber-optic cable to sense intrusions and events. The copmany has provided force protection to the U.S. Air Force and Army in the Afghanistan and Iraq theaters, and also works regularly in homeland security with power line companies, utilities, water facilities and other basic critical infrastructure entities, and has completed 10,000-plus installations.  Mr.


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