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Sperry West has introduced its new Spyder pinhole camera and digital video recorder kit. When a camera needs to be completely out-of-sight to catch a crime on video, the dropped ceiling pinhole camera can be placed on top of the ceiling tile. It sees through a very small hole and can transmit the image wirelessly to its receiver and motion sensing digital video recorder, which are built into a case.The system records inside the closed case, which can be padlocked for increased security. An optional seven-inch monitor is available for set up and viewing.
Lextech Global Services, a provider of custom iPhone app development services, has announced that it is working with Lextech Labs, a video surveillance application company, and Axis Communications, a specialist in the network video market, to provide the video infrastructure for iPhoneDevCamp 3, in Sunnyvale, CA, from July 31 to August 2, 2009.The video setup will use Apple's new HTTP video streaming protocol, the AXIS Q1755 network camera and Lextech Global Services' custom solution to stream live audio and video of the keynote presentation to iPhone users around the world.
SPAL USA, a leader in high performance cooling fans, electronics and vehicle safety accessories, introduces the new Multivision system that is ideal for tow vehicles, RVs, tractor trailers, boats, buses and additional vehicles needing increased visibility.The SPAL Multivision allows users to connect up to four cameras to the unit, which in turn splits a single in-cab monitor screen into four images. The device automatically splits the screen into two, three or four pictures, according to how many cameras are attached to the unit.
In light of recent mergers and acquisitions in the defense industry, Navitar, a manufacturer of precision optical systems, stands ready to assist defense contractors and others in need of an independent optical solutions provider.'On occasion, mergers and acquisitions within an industry cause one time suppliers to become direct competitors overnight,' said Jeremy Goldstein, co-president of Navitar. 'Navitar's independence as a precision optical supplier has served us well over the years. Today, Navitar and its Special Optics division are highly regarded for our precision optical and electro-optical systems -- which are widely used for military, defense and homeland security applications.'
Orsus, a specialist in the field of situation management, has announced it has signed a teaming agreement with GTSI Corp. to provide its situation management solution, known as Situator, to the government marketplace.GTSI, an enterprise IT infrastructure solutions and services provider, will offer Situator as part of a comprehensive security solution to federal government agencies and its U.S. Communities Technology Contract to state and local government agencies.
High-Lites, of Waterbury, CT, has recently introduced its new CLED series of cast aluminum LED exit signs that, it says, provide customers with several new and exciting features.High-Lites has completely redesigned the CLED Series to provide a cleaner, more contemporary look and the series offers an expanded number of option and accessory items for greater application. The most exciting feature of the CLED series is that it provides self-diagnostic electronics as standard equipment without the cost premium associated with these types of exit signs.
Secura Key has announced the release of a 3-minute flash video production, which provides a broad overview of Secura Key's various product lines and capabilities. The video highlights the advantages of using Secura Key, discusses proximity, contactless and legacy card and reader technologies, panels and software, asset management and data collection products. It also highlights Secura Key's low-cost, quality, technical support and unconditional warranty.Re-sellers can use this video to provide customers with more information about Secura Key, and the video can also be shared by e-mailing a link to a location on Secura Key's Web site, where the video is hosted. The video was professionally produced by AngelVision, a flash video production company located in Portland, OR.
Surveillance - Sperry West, of San Diego, CA, has introduced its new SW2600 surveillance system, which consists of a covert self-recording passive infrared covert camera and a digital video recorder that can be set to record motion only or continuous activity.

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