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Government, defense demand drives Codenomicon deal

Jani Kenttälä

An increase in demand for its services by government and the defense industry has prompted a security testing firm in Saratoga, CA, to acquire a maker of collaborative situational awareness tools in Finland.

Codenomicon announced on May 23 that it has acquired Clarified Networks for an undisclosed cash amount. All Clarified employees will continue to work at the company following the buy, the California firm said in a statement.

The acquisition is a response to increased demand from the government and defense sectors, Codenomicon said, and expands the company's offering by introducing new solutions for system analysis and situational awareness.

Clarified Networks is a solutions company that resolves problems related to situation awareness. Typical applications are in the field of critical infrastructure protection and cyber defense. It does that through providing tools and services for collaborative analysis and visualization of complex events and systems.

The company's first commercial tool known as the Clarified Analyzer was born as an academic project in 2002 to meet the demand for system discovery based on real traffic. The early application scenarios were in traffic audits and reverse engineering of complex ICT services.

"In order to meet the increasing market demand in critical infrastructure protection and cyber defense, we can leverage Codenomicon's existing worldwide presence and strong balance sheet to grow our business," stated Clarified's co-founder and CTO Jani Kenttälä. "Codenomicon has an impressive customer list from the government and defense market and they were the natural choice to bring our situation awareness solutions to the global market."

Clarified tools monitor, analyze and visualize networks. Those tools include AbuseHelper and Virtual Situation Room (VSRoom).

The AbuseHelper is a centralized system for collecting and managing abuse and incident data from scattered Internet abuse handling resources. It assists organizations in the incident handling process helping them keep track of various details and to control who has access to what information.

The VSRoom is a situation awareness system for critical infrastructure and cyber defense. It collects data in real time from governmental and commercial critical infrastructure actors. The measurement feeds are combined with expert opinion feeds and then summarized with powerful visualizations.

The link between Codenomicon and Clarified Networks dates back over 10 years. They both have roots in the Oulu University Secure Programming Group (OUSPG), a research group set up to study, evaluate and develop methods for implementing and testing application and system software. Codenomicon was established in 2001 and Clarified in 2006.


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