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In-vehicle laptops for police cars to debut at Consumer Electronics Show

L.A. sheriffs use
MDCS by Raytheon

For the first time in the 45-year history of the Consumer Electronics Show, a patrol car from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD), equipped with Raytheon Company's integration of the latest generation of public safety communications technology, will be on display.

The car will be shown at the invitation-only ShowStoppers event that runs from 6 – 10 PM on January 10 in the Lafite Ballroom of the Wynn Hotel, located on the Las Vegas strip.

Thousands of journalists, bloggers and tech industry analysts will see the Mobile Digital Computer System (MDCS), integrated by Raytheon, that has been installed in more than 100 LASD vehicles to date, with more being installed and put into service continually. Ultimately, the laptop systems are scheduled to be installed in 2,400 of the department's patrol cars, command post vehicles, prisoner transport buses, motorcycles and patrol boats.

The LASD is upgrading its 1980s-era terminals for which it had become difficult to find parts. The MDCS project and major technology upgrade represents the largest-ever deployment of mobile digital computers to a sheriff's department in the country.

The upgraded systems will assist nearly 10,000 sheriff's deputies in protecting the nation's most populous county more efficiently by providing on-the-spot access to:

  • The Internet and the Sheriff's Intranet, allowing deputies to quickly provide information, such as locations of social services, homeless shelters and other information when and where people need it the most;
  • Mobile fingerprint identification, photos, FBI records, warrants and background checks;
  • GPS and mapping system that routes deputies to arrive at calls faster and identify the locations of other nearby deputies.

For example, the LASD reported that the new MDCS technology is already helping deputies "geo-tag" and map the locations of evidence during a pursuit.

"Raytheon technologies greatly increase the efficiency and safety of the men and women involved in the field of law enforcement and other agencies serving the public," said Daniel Crowley, president of Raytheon Network Centric Systems. "In times of crisis, or during routine traffic stops, our technology provides reliable, real-time, interoperable communications."

Captain Scott Edson, of the LASD's communications and fleet management bureau, said, "This extensive deployment of mobile computers is representative of our commitment to investing in the future of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, as we continuously look for ways to provide our deputies with the best communications tools to enhance our knowledge in the field and help us better serve the public."


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