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TSA expects to collect security-related data annually from about 800 aircraft operators

TSA intends to continue collecting information from about 800 different aircraft operators to ensure that these operators are maintaining a TSA-approved security program that complies with federal regulations.

Specifically, TSA requires aircraft operators to provide the following information: “(1) A master crew list of all flight and cabin crew members flying to and from the United States; (2) the flight crew list on a flight-by-flight basis; (3) passenger information on a flight-by-flight basis, (4) total amount of cargo screened, and (5) total amount of cargo screened at 100%.”

TSA invites comments from the public by March 26 to this information request, which it submitted to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Such comments can be sent to Joanna Johnson, Business Management Office, Office of Information Technology, TSA-11, Transportation Security Administration, 601 South 12th Street, Arlington, VA 20598-4220.

TSA estimates that approximately 800 respondents will submit this information and consume more than 1.8 million hours per year in doing so.

“These TSA-security programs establish procedures that aircraft operators must carry out to protect persons and property traveling on flights provided by the aircraft operator against acts of criminal violence, aircraft piracy, and the introduction of explosives, incendiaries, or weapons aboard an aircraft,” explains the agency, in a Federal Register notice it published on Jan. 26.