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CCTV-based remote biometric and behavioral suspect detection market to reach $3.2 billion by 2016, says HSRC

The CCTV surveillance market is undergoing a remarkable technology revolution, observes the Homeland Security Research Corp., in an April 9 news release.

The current decade will be marked by the fusion of CCTV with standoff biometrics and human behavioral signatures, which will create a new multibillion premium security market for CCTV-based remote biometric and behavioral suspect detection.

This family of technologies results from the need to remove the bottlenecks of current CCTV and people-screening systems, the inability to provide reliable real-time alarms when suspects are viewed by the CCTV camera, and the staggering cost of security officers required to operate 24/7 CCTV workstations. The fusion of technologies brings significant growth opportunities to CCTV, biometric and IT systems manufacturers, security systems integrators and entrepreneurs, says HSRC.

This new market (including systems sales, upgrades and post-warranty service) is forecasted to reach $3.2 billion by 2016, growing at a CAGR of 33%, says the Washington, DC-based market research firm.

HSRC's report, CCTV Based Remote Biometric & Behavioral Suspect Detection: Technologies & Global Markets - 2011-2016, presents in 161 pages -- with 104 tables and figures -- detailed analysis and forecasting of 96 submarkets. The report presents current and pipeline technologies, products, 78 vendors, SWOT and competitive analyses of the market.

The HSRC report contains in-depth analysis and forecasts of the following submarkets:

  • Systems sales, post warranty service and upgrades markets segmented into 96 sub-markets;
  • Technology segments, e.g., video content analysis (VCA)-based systems, walk-by systems, remote biometric identification systems, passive remote behavior detection and tracking systems, stimuli-triggered remote behavioral surveillance;
  • End-user market, e.g., transportation security, perimeter and border security, force protection, safe city and critical infrastructure;
  • Government funded programs and projects;
  • Analysis of key country markets, e.g., U.S., UK, India, China and Saudi Arabia.