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FEMA to buy hundreds of Pro Strips bio-threat detection kits for training classes

Pro Strips bio-warfare
threat detection kit

The preparedness branch of FEMA is planning to purchase at least 250 Pro Strips bio-warfare threat detection kits, which are made by ADVNT Biotechnologies, of Phoenix, AZ, for use in training courses at the agency’s Center for Domestic Preparedness in Anniston, AL.

FEMA issued a 100 percent small business set-side solicitation on Dec. 11 for a minimum of 25 boxes of these detection kits (10 kits per box), plus options to deliver six more boxes at a time, next February, May and August.

The solicitation says FEMA will only purchase the detection kits with the brand name Pro Strips because those products have been used consistently at the COBRA training facility in Anniston. “Use of a product other than the brand name would require increased time for instruction on instrument operation, increased learning time to understand changes resulting from biological agent interaction, increased learning curve for the instrument’s capabilities and limitations, and revision of standard practices in the CDP biothreat training implementation,” says FEMA’s solicitation.

ADVNT Biotechnologies says its Pro Strips can detect up to five separate bio-threats -- Anthrax, Ricin Toxin, Botulinum Toxin, Y. pestis (plague), and SEB (Staphylococcal enterotoxin B) -- with one simple-to-use device.

The company’s Website lists the price of a single detection kit at $69.95.

Small businesses which can offer the Pro Strips to FEMA are asked to submit their price quotes by Dec. 18.

Further information is available from Scott Drega, a contract specialist, at scott.drega@fema.dhs.gov



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