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TSA agents help nab five murder suspects at San Jose, CA, airport

Rodriguez, Chavez

Two transportation security officers (TSOs) at San Jose International Airport helped police capture five people who were suspected of a stabbing murder in the city as they apparently tried to board an airplane to get out of town.

According to the TSA, in the early morning of December 21, 2012, the San Jose Police Department Airport Division (SJPD-AD) issued a “Be On the Look Out” or BOLO message, at San Jose International Airport for three men and two women who were wanted in connection with the fatal stabbing of a man in North San Jose.

 During the course of screening operations at a security checkpoint at the airport, TSA said an SJPD-AD Officer approached the TSA checkpoint podium and handed TSO Michael Rodriguez a note with the names of the two male suspects.  According to the agency, Rodriguez continued processing passengers, but shortly realized that he was checking the ID of one of the suspects on the BOLO.  Rodriguez handed the ID over to the SJPD officer and showed him the name match, said the agency. Both the passenger and his traveling companion were pulled to the side, questioned, and arrested by the police, it said.

 Meanwhile, said TSA, supervisory TSO (STSO) Bev Chavez saw another male passenger, accompanied by two female passengers, in the security checkpoint acting suspiciously while they watched the police activity at the podium.  Chavez told the SJPD-AD officer about the curious behavior, according to TSA.  After questioning, the three were also arrested, said TSA.

 “I am extremely proud of Michael and Beverly and all our Transportation Security Officers here at SJC,” said field security director (FSD) Kathleen Roscher. “Michael’s attentiveness and Beverly’s vigilance made it possible for SJPD-AD to take quick action in apprehending these suspects.” Roscher added, “Both Officers’ determination and professionalism are a testament to the dedication of our TSOs across the country who serve the traveling public and keep them safe.”