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TSA officially thanks off-duty police officer for helping TSO

Honolulu International

The TSA, on April 5, officially thanked an off-duty California policeman for fending off an assault of a Transportation Security Officer by a homeless woman at the Honolulu International Airport.

Video of the March 30 incident shows Corporal Justin Rogers of the Pinole, CA, Police Department jumping over a wall at a security checkpoint to help a female TSO who was being slugged by a woman who airport authorities said frequents the facility. Rogers pulls the assailant off of the TSO, puts her in a headlock and throws her to the ground. The woman assailant was later taken to a local mental health facility, said reports.

“TSA would like to thank Corporal Justin Rogers for his selfless and speedy actions on behalf of one of our officers at Honolulu International Airport,” said the TSA in an April 5 statement on its Web blog.

“On March 30th, 2013, Cpl. Rogers was off-duty, traveling home to California from a family vacation in Honolulu, and as he prepared for screening at the checkpoint (no shoes!) he saw a TSA Officer being assaulted by a woman attempting to enter a secure area, which the officer was tasked to guard,” it said. “Just like a scene from all-time favorite reality TV show, “Cops,” he leapt into action immediately, breaking the TSA Officer free of the woman’s headlock and restraining her until airport police arrived.”

“Thank you Cpl. Justin Rogers, for your heroic actions and your continued service,” it said.