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Legal services grants of $1.2 million for low-income victims of Hurricane Sandy

Low-income victims of Hurricane Sandy might receive more legal assistance free of charge, now that the Legal Services Corporation, which administers federal funds for civil legal services to low-income Americans, has announced it will make available about $1.2 million in new grants.

In two separate announcements in the Federal Register on May 22, the Legal Services Corp. (LSC) indicated it would provide $950,000 in legal assistance to low-income people (that appropriations was reduced by $50,000 due to sequestration) and another $250,000 in financial assistance to cover damages caused by Sandy.

All applications for these LSC grants must be submitted by June 21, said the agency’s notice.

Awards under the $950,000 grant program are intended to provide “mobile resources, technology, and disaster pro bono volunteer coordinators necessary to provide storm-related legal services to the LSC-eligible client population in the areas significantly affected by Hurricane Sandy,” said the notice.

The $250,000 grant is intended for current LSC recipients that have “experienced a surge in demand for legal services as a result of Hurricane Sandy.”

Further information on both grants programs is available from John Eidlman, of the LSC office of program performance, at 202-295-1500 or sandydisaster@lsc.gov.