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SafeNet and Oceus Networks provide secure mobile communications to DoD

Xiphos from Oceus

SafeNet, Inc., a data protection supplier, and Oceus Networks Inc., a provider of broadband solutions to government agencies and industry, announced on May 30 an agreement to jointly secure the DoD’s operational deployment of Fourth Generation Long-Term Evolution (4G LTE) for field operations.

Oceus Networks will integrate SafeNet's security framework for mobile devices into its Xiphos family of mobile 4G LTE network solutions, offering government agencies a highly secure broadband solution that will allow them to communicate with each other in a trusted and safe manner.

The SafeNet and Oceus Networks agreement will help the DoD and other federal agencies address the core issue of protecting sensitive information shared over multiple mobile devices, platforms, and applications without impeding the cost and efficiency benefits they bring.

SafeNet's security framework for mobile devices integrates SafeNet's Smart Card 650 technology with a flash memory in a micro SD form factor, the uSC650. The uSC650 provides a root of trust for mobile devices and is built upon existing technology already approved to support data encryption to the highest U.S. Government assurance levels.

Oceus Networks' Xiphos systems provide turnkey, easily deployable broadband networks wherever traditional communication infrastructures are unavailable or compromised. Adding SafeNet's security to the mobile devices used within the Oceus Networks' solution will allow multiple agencies to communicate securely and will protect critical infrastructure in various operational scenarios, such as relief and recovery efforts after a natural disaster, as well as law enforcement efforts such as drug interdiction and combating international piracy.

"Reliable, mobile access to critical support data is essential for those in the field. Whether it's coordinating efforts between local police departments and homeland security personnel or communications between coalition forces on the battlefield, secure access to data, applications, and voice communication can make the difference between mission success and mission failure," said Todd Moore, vice president for federal product management at SafeNet. "By aligning with Oceus, we're giving these groups an efficient and effective solution for managing mission-critical data and communications on mobile devices."

"This collaboration will address a critical communications need for the Department of Defense, where access to fast, secure, mobile connectivity is essential," said Doug Smith, Chief Executive Officer at Oceus Networks. "We are offering government agencies broadband anytime, anywhere, with the latest in 4G LTE technology."




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