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CBP wants ‘low profile’ accessories to conceal weapons, radios, etc.

Low profile system from
High Threat Concealment

To outfit its personnel in Afghanistan with what are known as “low profile concealment systems,” U.S. Customs and Border Protection intends to award a sole source contract to High Threat Concealment, of Newport News, VA, to supply this kind of gear.

“The HTC gear is unique in its design to discreetly conceal firearms, magazines, medical and communication equipment while keeping it centrally located at the waist and assembled in such a fashion as to avoid the imprinting on an outer garment (suit, jacket, etc.),” says a CBP solicitation released on June 10.

The procurement will be handled as a sole source award, explained CBP, because “no item could be found that matched the unique low imprinting properties that are inherent in the HTC gear.”

The same equipment is currently being used by State Department personnel to meet their mission requirements, said the solicitation, which “mirror the CBP requirements.”

CBP intends to procure HTC Gen 4 holsters for use with Glock compact and full-sized weapons; radio holsters for Motorola XTS Series radios; pistol holsters for use with Glock 9MM – 40 caliber weapons, and more.

Further information is available from Jon Massey, a contract specialist, at 317-614-4591 or