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TSA gathering input as it prepares rule on ‘surface mode’ transportation training

As it prepares to issue a new rule regarding the ongoing training of employees who work in “surface mode” transportation settings, TSA has invited the public to submit comments about such training by July 15.

The agency is obligated under the Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007 to mandate training for transportation employees -- such as drivers, maintenance technicians, dispatchers, station attendants, customer service employees, engineers, conductors, trainmen and others -- who are employed by mass transit systems, over-the-road bus systems and freight and passenger railroads.

“Some flexibility is allowed for the training program to make adjustments as necessary based upon the work performed by the employee,” explained a notice published by TSA in the Federal Register on June 14. “For example, a dispatcher’s training would likely have more focus on the appropriate protocols for sharing information during an emergency while a maintenance-of-way worker may have more training on identifying potential threats.”

Comments can be submitted by visiting and citing docket number TSA-2013-0005 in the search box.

Further information about these surface mode training programs is available from Virginia Wise, of the TSA office of security policy and industry engagement, at 571-227-1080 or