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Mass Notification Profiles: Desktop Alert's focus on West Point Military Academy

West Point

United States Military Academy leads Army with award-winning cross browser compatible notification system.

USMA state-of-the-art warning system

In 2006, the United States Military Academy at West Point successfully evaluated Desktop Alert's Mass Notification System and procured it as the post’s primary mass notification system. Desktop Alert's Enterprise Server for Mass Notification instantly sends alerts to thousands of end-users. Desktop Alert is built on the Microsoft .Net Platform and is capable of being activated from all major internet browsers. At USMA, Desktop Alert sends instant alerts to desktops, Giant Voice, landlines and cell phones as well as e-mail and text messages.   Desktop Alert has served USMA for over 7 years with a stellar past performance record. 

Browser Compatibility 

Lack of Mass Notification (MNS) browser compatibility issues could result in catastrophic results including potential loss of life.

Have you tested your web-based MNS system on numerous browsers? 

For U.S. military operations, the ability to communicate quickly and with absolute certainty is imperative. This is especially true in situations, such as hazardous materials incidents and fires, when personal safety may be in jeopardy. To mitigate risk, all branches of the service are seeking new ways to quickly and securely push information out across entire Armed Forces’ IP networks. Military garrisons and commands worldwide communicate important warnings, alerts and announcements using the Desktop Alert mass notification system.

Desktop Alert Protecting Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Keys to the Desktop Alert Mass Notification System daily usage at USMA are the system’s flexibility, extensibility, ease of usage, rapid alerting capability and system compatibility with numerous browsers and devices.

A system that is too complicated to use and needing excessive training is exactly what West Point wanted to avoid when they conducted industry research for a bona-fide mass notification system.

West Point leadership has not requested a training session on Desktop Alert for over 5 years to date. They love the system and continually laud the products ease of usage,, said Howard Ryan, founder of Desktop Alert Inc.

To obtain additional information, go to Desktop Alert's Web site or sign up here.


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