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TSA expects more than 88,000 applicants for 'TSA Pre' trusted traveler status during 6-month pilot program

TSA is planning to roll out its trusted traveler program, known as TSA Pre, during a 6-month pilot program to a limited number of U.S. airports, where it will establish “enrollment centers” that will collect fingerprints from travelers and accept payment of the required $85 fee.

TSA estimates that 88,111 travelers will provide their fingerprints and pay the fees during the pilot program, and that an additional 383,131 travelers will submit themselves to TSA Pre security assessments during the first year following the conclusion of the pilot.

Passengers who apply for clearance under the TSA Pre trusted traveler program will supply certain biographic information -- as well as their fingerprints -- and undergo security assessments by TSA. “For those individuals who meet the standards of that assessment, TSA will issue a unique number, called a Known Traveler Number, which individuals may submit to airlines when making flight reservations,” to request expedited screening at the airport, explains a TSA notice published in the Federal Register on July 23.

“Passengers who are eligible for expedited screening through a dedicated TSA Pre lane typically will receive more limited physical screening, e.g., will be able to leave on their shoes, light outerwear, and belt, to keep their laptop in its case, and to keep their 3-1-1 compliant liquids/gels bag in a carry-on,” the TSA notice continues.

TSA says it will notify the applicant in writing if he or she is deemed ineligible for the trusted traveler status. “If initially deemed ineligible, applicants will have an opportunity to correct cases of misidentification or inaccurate criminal or immigration records,” says TSA.

In addition to establishing enrollment sites at busy U.S. airports, TSA plans to implement a mobile enrollment capability, which will allow applicants to apply online, submit their biographic information via a Web site, and pay the $85 fee via a secure Web portal.