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ICE will utilize LexisNexis databases to track down fugitive aliens

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) unit of DHS plans to procure access to LexisNexis databases, on a sole source basis, to help ICE’s Fugitive Operations Support Center track down illegal aliens, arrest them and deport them, as appropriate.

“The FOSC gathers information from various sources, correlates, tracks, reviews, analyzes, and disseminates appropriate information for the arrest and removal of fugitive and other high-priority aliens,” says a justification document issued by ICE on September 11.

“The LexisNexis databases are mission-critical,” the agency continues. “They help to leverage emerging technology that shares secure law enforcement data between Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, so that ICE can continue to expand its coverage nationwide in a cost effective manner.”

The databases include up-to-date information on court cases, the Accurint Search Platform which helps locate people and businesses, and various screening and credentialing tools.

LexisNexis, a unit of Reed Elsevier, is located in Miamisburg, OH, says the ICE document.

The FOSC, based in Williston, VT, administers a complex Data Analysis System. “Through this analysis the FOSC has aided in reducing the reported number of existing fugitives by reconciling records to eliminate those who have left the country voluntarily, successfully adjusted their status, or were discovered to be incarcerated and, therefore, no longer fugitives,” explains ICE.

ICE will procure access to LexisNexis by working through FEDLINK, a unit of the Library of Congress, which negotiates contracts with a wide range of commercial information companies on behalf of other federal agencies and offices.

Further information about the LexisNexis procurement is available from William Quigley at 202-732-2120 or