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ESRI wins a contract extension from FEMA for continued geospatial content management

FEMA’s office of response and recovery intends to award a contract extension (of four to six months) to Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) to continue hosting a Cloud-based geospatial content management system for FEMA which provides disaster-related imagery and data to the nation’s emergent management community.

“The requirement is to provide shared data storage space, user authentication system, databases for data collation, data management tools and software to display real-time location-based data,” explains a “limited sources justification” document released by FEMA on September 12.

The agency intends to award a base period extension of four months to ESRI valued at $262,490 as well as a two-month option period, which would be worth an additional $172,986.

ESRI, which is headquartered in Redlands, CA, currently hosts and manages a Cloud-based infrastructure, known as Geoportal, and provides Cloud-related administrative support to FEMA.