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DHS envisions leadership training based on Battle of Gettysburg and Lincoln’s actions

Lincoln delivers address in
Gettysburg on Nov. 19, 1863

Hoping to draw upon the lessons learned from the Civil War’s Battle of Gettysburg and, more specifically, President Lincoln’s leadership style, the Federal Protective Service, a unit of DHS, wants to find a contractor capable of building a leadership development training program for its senior executives that would be delivered over four days in and around the historic battlefield in Gettysburg, PA.

“Using the Battle of Gettysburg as a reference point, participants shall be able to compare and contrast different leadership styles and explain the success or failure of each by defining the outcomes,” says a “sources sought” document issued by the agency on October 10.

The Federal Protective Service (FPS) intends to offer four such four-day training programs annually, each of which would accommodate 25 Senior Executive Service (SES), GS-15 and GS-14 level federal employees. The FPS is gathering market intelligence from prospective vendors for what may turn into a contract with a one-year base period plus four one-year option periods, says the notice.

The envisioned training course would introduce the FPS employees to “the major events involved in the Battle of Gettysburg” and would attempt to “relate the leadership and strategic thinking lessons learned from those events to the challenges that they shall deal with in today’s work world,” says the document.

The lesson plan would include portions on the Battle itself, as well as portions focused on the nation’s 16th president. “The Contractor must provide a formal presentation focused on Lincoln’s leadership style to include why he chose the leaders he did and personal habits he embraced which contributed to his success as a leader,” says the FPS, in calling for capability statements from interested vendors. These submissions, which can run no more than five pages, are due to FPS by October 27.

The curriculum currently envisioned by FPS goes well beyond the Battle of Gettysburg and Lincoln’s leadership style. For example, the training course should also offer “comparisons between states’ rights and slavery in 1863 as related to today’s immigration issues,” says the sources sought notice.

Further information about this training program is available from Peter Andrews, a contracting officer, at 215-521-2261 or peter.j.andrews@hq.dhs.gov