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Federal Protective Service will acquire Pepperball launchers and live projectiles

TAC 700 launcher
from Pepperball

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, better known as ICE, plans to make a sole-source purchase for the Federal Protective Service (FPS) from Pepperball Technologies, Inc., of San Diego, CA, of “less lethal” pepperball launchers, live projectiles, inert projectiles and riot expansion kits, largely for training purposes.

According to a “justification and approval” document issued by ICE on October 29, the agency has decided to procure 100 TAC 700 launchers from the company, which it says is the only firm that can supply the launchers and projectiles at the required level of quality.

The agency also plans to buy 120,000 Live X projectiles and 117,000 inert projectiles, as well as 36 riot expansion kits, says the notice. The total value of the contract will be $498,970.

“Pepperball Technologies Inc. produces several launcher models and is the only manufacturer that provides a product specific system to meet this standard required for agents in the field during training and operational deployment,” said ICE.

Choosing any other supplier, said ICE, might require substantial changes to the agency’s training program, increase costs, impact the agency’s operations or endanger the safety of law enforcement agents. “Also, since the implementation of the Pepperball system by [the Federal Protective Service], any change to that system may impact FPS policy and result in collective bargaining issues.”

The award was made on September 25. Further information is available from Charlene Bunting, a contract specialist, at 202-732-1151 or