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Privacy Office at DHS submits annual report to Congress

The Privacy Office at DHS has issued a report, covering the period from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013, which catalogues the office’s continuing efforts to safeguard individual privacy while supporting the mission of DHS.

The report identifies five strategic goals the office attempts to pursue as part of its fiscal year 2012-2015 strategic plan. Those goals include:

( 1 )   Foster a culture of privacy and transparency;

( 2 )   Provide outreach, education and training in an effort to promote privacy and openness at DHS;

( 3 )   Ensure that DHS complies with federal privacy and disclosure laws;

( 4 )   Conduct robust oversight on embedded privacy protections;

( 5 )   Develop the best privacy professionals in the federal government.

The annual report was submitted to Congress by Jonathan Cantor, the DHS deputy privacy officer who served as acting chief privacy officer during the 12 months covered by this particular report.

“The accomplishments of the past year -- many the culmination of previous years of effort -- clearly demonstrate that the DHS Privacy Office is the premier federal privacy office in the

United States, creating privacy and disclosure policy best practices that can be adopted across the

Federal Government while serving as models for others,” wrote Cantor in his submittal letter.