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Deloitte’s “Secure.Vigilant.Resilient.” approach aims to improve cybersecurity for businesses

Deloitte, a New York City based professional services firm, has launched a new approach to cybersecurity and risk management entitled “Secure.Vigilant.Resilient.” This new approach is designed to enhance cybersecurity and resilience while allowing businesses to achieve their performance goals.

"Our approach helps organizations gain confidence in their ability to innovate by helping them be better prepared for potential cyber incidents. Through a Secure.Vigilant.Resilient. program, they can embrace cyber risk management not as a necessary evil, but as a positive and an integral component of strategic planning that supports the achievement of their core mission and strategic objectives," said Ed Powers, national managing principal for Deloitte's Cyber Risk Services.

The “Secure.Vigilant.Resilient.” emphasizes threat visibility and detection as well as incident response when it comes to cybersecurity. While it realizes that the industry, resources, and technology continue to change, it helps businesses strike a balanced approach with an active defense culture and executive guidance.

Deloitte has also announced that it has changed its Security, Privacy, and Resilience practice to Cyber Risk Services to demonstrate its focus on helping businesses face the challenges of cybersecurity issues. Its Cyber Risk Services plays a vital role within its risk advisory service business as it works to develop solutions that are risk intelligent.

Deloitte recently published a document to explain the conceptual basis of its new approach called, “Changing the game on cyber risk: the imperative to be secure, vigilant, and resilient.” It encourages businesses to gain more situational awareness to threats that are prevalent within the industry in general as well as those that are unique to their business. It helps them understand where threats are coming from, what their motives might be, and what can be done in advance to anticipate or respond to an incident.

Powers added, "Senior executives are flooded with news and information about the damages that cyber incidents can inflict, but this in itself doesn't help them move forward. The fact is that innovation and cyber risk are inextricably linked; cyber risk is an inherent byproduct of virtually every growth and efficiency effort. The recent spate of attacks waged through point-of-sale systems is a case in point. Electronic payments processing has heralded new levels of efficiency for retailers and their customers -- but the attendant risks can exact significant costs, both direct and indirect."

More information about Deloitte’s Cyber Risk Services Practice is available on their Website at www.Deloitte.com/US/Cyberrisk.


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