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EMX Advanced Technologies announces breakthrough in non-invasive laser-driven detection system


MELBOURNE, FL Jan. 20, 2017 EMX Advanced Technologies, LLC (EMXAT) today announced that it has successfully achieved a significant scientific milestone toward the development of the company's Real-Time Laser Spectroscopy (RTLS) line of Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) driven devices that are designed to provide early detection of diseases and other homeland safety and hospital environmental monitoring applications where volatile organic compounds (VOC's) are present, all through novel, non-invasive analysis.

As a result of internal testing, the company believes that they are the first to successfully demonstrate a commercially viable laser, with the specific characteristics needed, in the mid-IR spectrum that will be able to operate at room temperature. In addition, they have innovations that eliminate the need for a mass-spectrometer (and/or other secondary "detection only" component) to detect the volatiles of interest in all three application pillars. These break-through innovations are required to detect VOC's shown to be relevant in the early stage detection of certain cancers, hospital acquired infections and the presence of explosives.

"We believe that achieving this major milestone increases our confidence in bringing the company's RTLS detection device to commercial reality as these novel advancements will form the core of the company's RTLS device that would enable a more accessible and less expensive detection method versus currently available diagnostic tests," says EMXAT's co-founder Mr. James Herrmann, a renowned product engineer and winner of the U.S. Department of Defense's Cogswell Award.

Further, the company believes that these key innovations will enable the QCL component of EMXAT's RTLS device to potentially measure diagnostic amounts of VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) necessary to accurately and rapidly screen for life-threatening malignant and infectious diseases non-invasively, thereby increasing quality of life/health outcomes and significantly reducing healthcare cost for these diseases. According to EMXAT's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John Ruckdeschel – an internationally recognized lung cancer authority, and former Director of the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida – "VOC analysis has already been shown to have utility in several malignancies and pulmonary disorders, but current devices are not portable, are limited in analytic scope, and require significant delays before results are known to the physician. Once fully developed, the RTLS device would represent an advancement in early detection, diagnosis and disease monitoring, which can be delivered non-invasively, in real time, in the physician's office."

In addition to its application in the detection of several cancers and other diseases, EMXAT believes the RTLS device can have commercial applications and related revenue streams beyond the Med Tech sector. The company believes the RTLS has potential applications that include:

Environmental monitoring, for contaminants such as E. Coli and MRSA

Real-time industrial monitoring, for unseen chemicals such as methane and cyanide

Law enforcement / Homeland Security, for real-time detection of drugs, explosives and bioterrorism

Non-intrusive, real-time monitoring, for events requiring high security levels

Animal health monitoring

The company's Technology Director, Dr. Ralph Teague, Principal Research Scientist at Georgia Tech and winner of the prestigious Pioneer Award in laser communication, further stated that, "The novel RTLS platform will allow for detection of a wide range of important VOC's, in a single device, at a very low cost per test. The architecture and capabilities of the RTLS device are designed to go far beyond applications in the medical and health fields. Toward that end, we are currently exploring global opportunities with leading companies in each sector, that have efficient product distribution channels in place."

About EMX Advanced Technologies, LLC (EMXAT)

Founded in 2014 EMXAT is a wholly owned subsidiary of EMX International LLC, a privately owned sensor-based technology company located in Melbourne, FL. EMXAT was established to explore potential applications of the Company's successful detection-related technologies, which included infrared surveillance devices for the defense industry. EMXAT's senior management team consists of several highly regarded professionals with long-track records of experience and recognition within their respected fields. The company holds several patents, including those related to its RTLS device.


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