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Michigan company sees 'Hydrogen Super Highway' as the future of rail transportation

BRIGHTON, MI May 1, 2017 The Interstate Traveler Company set a cornerstone for the future green economy in 2002 when they published their plans for an elevated magnetic levitation rail system that runs on solar and hydrogen power. The Hydrogen Super Highway (HSH) a first of its kind maglev rail system that is self-sustaining using solar powered hydrogen electrolysis, designed for automated mass production with a unique 3D suspension system that supports vehicles for public transit, for individual automobiles and standard ISO freight containers with an embedded hydrogen distribution pipeline system. The transports can be private, public and commercial transports such as medical triage units responding to emergencies, restaurants, plush lounges and starlight cruisers for cross country tours. The HSH will be installed by rail mounted cranes using large round steel stanchion tubes drilled into the ground as a foundation so it can be built just about anywhere without having to tear up the ground for an access road. The company states that this method will insure the HSH will have a near zero impact on the environment.

Designed originally as an upgrade to the U.S. Interstate Highway System increasing the capacity and safety of the highway tenfold while providing the hydrogen infrastructure required for the growing energy economy. The system is designed to provide direct pipeline access to hydrogen and other fuels to all the existing fueling stations along the highway. The HSH may completely avoid costly delays and challenges of eminent domain for new rights of way. Company officials also state that the HSH system can be built without any disruption to local businesses and because it is elevated it will be the safest and most versatile form of high speed transportation yet.

By 2004 the company received wide ranging support and international acknowledgement. While working to bring the HSH proposal to decision makers the ‘Interstate Traveler Project’ was honored with Unanimous Resolutions from the House and Senate of the State of Michigan in 2003, several forward looking Skilled Trade Unions proffered letters of support and sponsored radio interviews on WJR AM 760 News Talk Radio in Detroit. The HSH technology has also been recognized by a number of national and international journals and associations, highlighted by Discovery Channel in 2007 and the Founder of the company was the keynote speaker at the 2010 National Engineers Week at Western Michigan University. Company officials also showed us records of a large number of US DOD related energy conferences where they have hosted exhibits and provided panelists and speakers on the issues of bulk hydrogen infrastructure and energy security. The company is a registered federal contractor.

“We found out early that this would be a long process to get up and running” said Justin Sutton, the founder of the company, “but we made the commitment to put in the time to quietly build our global network, to see this through, and now we have a huge network and dozens of proposals for projects all over the world, large and small.” According to Sutton, the company has reached out to decision makers around the world in government, banking, NGOs, international trade missions and conferences to host diplomats, trade association leaders and private businesses without ceasing since 2002. He went on to explain that the company has a large number of partners and many are actively engaged in teams working on projects around the world getting ready to handle growth after the first system is built.


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