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Armored Vehicles Latin America exposition set for Mexico City next month

MEXICO CITY, May 12, 2017 Since its conception, Armoured Vehicles Latin America has provided an exciting platform for Armies, Marine Corps, and Police across nations to exchange ideas on the defence and security thinking that shapes the region.

Recent geopolitical changes have had a significant impact on security and defence within Latin America. For example, Mexican Armed Forces successfully recaptured its most notorious cartel commander; the Colombian government announced a peace deal with the FARC; a new administration has entered the White House; and the United Nations declared the end point for its mission in Haiti. These changes will inevitably influence the strategic decision-making of the regional military commands.

The 2017 Armoured Vehicles Latin America conference will bring together a diverse mix of armour specialists, procurement heads and military commanders to review these projects as well as outline their strategic objectives for the years ahead. Senior speakers this year include:  

  • Dr Javier Oliva Posada, Profesor de la Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales de la UNAM
  • Brigadier General Salvador Orlando Montano, Commander, Logistics and Army Support Command, El Salvador Army
  • Daneilla McCalmon, Permanent Secretary, Guyana Ministry of Public Security
  • Captain Emilio E Segura, Project of Amphibious Vehicles Recovery, Argentine Marine Corps
  • Commander Pablo von Unger Thauby, Project Manager for Marine Corps Integrated development, Programs, Research, Chilean Navy
  • Major Rodriguez Erik Humberto, Commander, Comando del Batallón de Movilidad de Infantería de Marina No.1, Colombian Marine Corps

As well as this, threats to national and public security are continuous. This has fuelled investments into new platforms and technologies for the defence and security forces. One such technology includes combat-ready armoured vehicles, which offer both protection and mobility to forces that are in a range of hostile, challenging environments. This is now more important than ever, as the region looks to disrupt and defeat sophisticated militarised criminal and insurgent groups.

This conference will make for an exceptionally informative and valuable event, by championing discussions between nations and industries, in order to fully understand the issues that shape the regions defence forces. For the full programme and registration details, please visit http://www.armouredvehicleslatinamerica.com, or email enquire@defenceiq.com


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