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American Signal to install tsunami warning system in Shelter Cove, CA

MILWAUKEE June 22, 2017 American Signal Corporation (ASC) is pleased to announce that it has been chosen by Shelter Cove, CA to design and implement a Tsunami Warning System for the city. ASC was chosen for the project thanks to its best-in-class siren products and industry-leading CompuLert™ NEXGen command and control software.

The system includes i-Force 1600 sirens and an EC4 Directional siren, backed by NEXGen software. i-Force sirens will be placed strategically at the airport (near the coast), while the EC4 siren will be placed on the north side of the city.

"The unique geographic location and elevation of Shelter Cove makes it particularly susceptible to inclement weather and naturally-occurring anomalies like Tsunamis," said Richard Roe, Vice President at American Signal Corporation. "American Signal sirens and NEXGen technology will be at the front lines of alerting residents and visitors to the area of impending hydrological threats."

Critical to the efficacy of the system is NEXGen's breadth of life-saving features, including its Auto Activation capabilities. When an NOAA Alert comes in for a tsunami or severe weather, the sirens will automatically activate, encouraging citizens and visitors to get to higher ground, increasing precious life-saving time.

Browser-based, NEXGen is accessible across desktop, tablet and mobile platforms, so officials can manually trigger alerts from wherever they are. Failsafe P25 communication capabilities and redundant protocols ensure the system is always operational. If intelligence failover occurs, the system can also disable the auto-activation itself and request for manual alerting process.

NEXGen's hierarchical logical structure will control all sirens, over roughly 6 square miles. The system also possesses tie-ins with radio broadcasts, email, SMS text, phone voice, message boards and more, for comprehensive threat notification.

For more information about American Signal Corporation's products or NEXGen platform, please visit the company's website at http://www.americansignal.com/.

American Signal Corporation (ASC) is a leading designer and manufacturer of mass notification solutions for a wide variety of applications worldwide. The company combines advanced engineering, innovative software and state-of-the-art equipment with an extraordinary record of longevity and expertise in the field, to develop and install compliant, versatile and effective notification systems. We aim to save lives every day.


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