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SpotterRF, one of ten Accolade Award Winners at the 2012 ASIS conference, is a compact surveillance radar system, according to CEO Logan Harris. The technology has traditionally been sold to the military and border protection agencies for its wide area motion detection capabilities. Harris describes and demonstrates the company’s C40 radar system, which costs under $12,000 and can cover 20 acres of space, including the detection and tracking of moving persons or vehicles.

Paul Retzbach provides a description of the broad array of security products offered to the government market by Stanley Security Solutions in the company’s convergence, access control technologies and mechanical solutions divisions. He then introduces W.F.

3M Cogent is a global identification solutions provider to governments, law enforcement agencies and commercial enterprises. Jason Kyte points out that the company’s biometric technologies are used in PIV, CAC and TWIC cards, with fingerprint authentication, in federal agencies, airports and seaports and by private companies that want to create their own ID cards. At the 2012 ASIS conference, he says, the company is offering a sneak peek at a new indoor version of its MiY card, an Accolades Award winner at the 2011 ASIS event.

Ted Chavalas discusses the launch of General Robotics’ new “Ferret” under-vehicle inspection robot that provides a 100-meter or 300-meter safety stand-off range and sends wireless video back to the operator. The Ferret is in a flat disc-shaped configuration which enables it to operate under Ferrari’s and other low-profile vehicles and to maneuver about under a vehicle without getting stuck on wheels or other impediments.

Without the proper safeguards, a busy airport can become a perfect target for insider threats posed by privileged users, recently laid off workers or others who may have access to the administration of the physical access and logical security.

Rob Zivney discusses Hirsch Identive’s Integrated Security and Identity Management Solutions for government agencies and other large enterprises.

David Liu describes Vivotek’s broad line of video surveillance cameras and equipment, including Vivotek’s first Megapixel WDR Fixed Domes, which the company introduced at ISC West.

Monty Lutzker explains that Morpho Detection is Safran Industries’s detection division, offering explosives and substance detection, as part of a security group which includes detection, biometrics and documentation. His interview includes a demonstration of the ITEMISER DX, a portable explosives detection and narcotics detection tool which he describes as the “gold standard in identification at security check points”.

Randall Foster indicates that Vumii specializes in nightvision, typically used at perimeters and borders. The company offers two families of surveillance – thermal imaging and LED and Infrared laser-illuminated camera systems that are used for detection, recognition and identification.

David Smith describes Optellios as being in the intrusion detection and perimeter protection business, using fiber optic cable above-ground or underground to protect military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as critical infrastructure, airports, seaports and for border protection in countries around the world.


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