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Pan Kamal, VP of Marketing for Alert Enterprise, a security software company headquartered in Fremont, CA, explains in his opening remarks that he is going to describe Alert Enterprise’s award-...


Wed, 2016-07-13 05:58 AM
AUBURN HILLS, MI July 13, 2016 Reflecting the rapidly increasing convergence of connectivity technology and the automotive industry, FCA US LLC today announced the launch of a public bug bounty...
Fri, 2016-07-08 06:35 AM
CLEVELAND, July 7, 2016 "The GOP Convention is the next likely target for a major hack, but it probably won't come from hacktivists who are indignant over Donald Trump's confrontational manner and...
Thu, 2016-07-07 05:36 AM


JERUSALEM, July 6, 2016 As Mobileye, Intel and BMW join together to create a platform for autonomous vehicles, ProtectivX has put its focus on creating the technology to notify if your vehicle,...
Tue, 2016-07-05 04:48 AM
CHEVY CHASE, MD July 1, 2016 Cybersecurity safeguards are imperative as cars become more connected and as autonomous vehicles are increasingly viewed as the future.
Tue, 2016-06-28 11:00 AM
BETHESDA, MD June 27, 2016 SANS Institute, the global leader in information security training, today announced the keynote address for the SANS Network Security 2016 taking place Sept. 10 – 19 in Las...
Mon, 2016-06-27 06:01 AM
SEATTLE, WA June 26, 2016 DefenseStorm is pleased to announce they have been selected as a Red Herring Top 100 North America award winner. The award celebrates 100 of the top startups’ innovations...
Fri, 2016-06-24 06:00 AM
MILAN, Italy and BOSTON June 21, 2016 DFLabs, the leader in incident response automation and orchestration technology, has announced the availability of a new playbook set called "IncMan RP," based...
Thu, 2016-06-23 06:00 AM


HACKENSACK, NJ June 22, 2016 Cytegic, a provider of cybersecurity management and decision support solutions, announced that it has added the government of Douglas County, Colorado to its customer...
Wed, 2016-06-22 06:00 AM
June 17, 2016 Cyber operators and analysts with a need to run custom analytics on specific data sets will have access to increased ad-hoc query capabilities in August, when an upgrade to the Defense...
Wed, 2016-06-22 06:00 AM


NEW YORK, June 21, 2016 Flashpoint, the global leader in Deep & Dark Web data and intelligence, has appointed cyber security industry luminary Chris Camacho as the company's Chief Strategy...
Mon, 2016-06-20 05:31 AM
HARRISON, NY June 17, 2016 MGT Capital Investments, Inc. (NYSE MKT: MGT) today announced the appointment of Steve Orenberg, a long-time executive in the Internet and cyber security industry, as the...
Thu, 2016-06-16 07:04 AM


HERNDON, VA June 14, 2016 NetCentrics Corporation, a leading provider of enterprise systems management and cybersecurity for the U.S. government, has led the Department of Defense's (DoD) first full...

Commentary and Opinions

The Javelin Strategy & Research’s 2014 Identity Fraud Study revealed that 13.1 million Americans became victims of identity theft last year. This startling statistic underscores the determination of malicious actors to access sensitive data. Despite the rise in exploits, vital aspects of security -- such as encryption -- has tended to slip through the cracks.
The possibility of governments collecting and analyzing personal data changed dramatically after the enactment of The Patriot Act in 2001. The public outcry following WikiLeaks and the NSA PRISM program has kept controversial data collection methods in the headlines over the past few years. The legality of this type of data collection is still in question.
When it comes to cybersecurity, boldface security organizations can seem just as susceptible to hacks as anyone else. For example, NATO suffered over 2,500 significant cyber attacks in 2012 alone. Security experts believe that the number of sophisticated offensives against NATO is likely to increase over the coming years.
Unfortunately, none of us has any trouble imagining a security breach. Breaches are so frequent these days, so fast and so clever, that seemingly out of nowhere we could find critical infrastructure threatened, networks at risk, markets in danger.
When newspapers, popular magazines, and cable news channels run stories on public safety security and video surveillance, their knee-jerk reaction is too often a clever reference to “Big Brother” and an implication that something dangerous and sinister is happening.

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Millis, MA-based Kanguru Solutions, a manufacturer of secure IT storage solutions, has announced the ad...

Reston, VA-based Input, which specializes in government business, has unveiled new research detailing adoption trends for cloud computing, virtualization, service-oriented archi...

Rockville, MD-based Telvent reports that it is the first vendor selected to participate in a DHS superv...

Mobile Active Defense, LLC (M.A.D.) has announced the release of its patent-pending mobile firewall and contents filtering mecha...

GammaTech Computer Corp., a manufacturer of notebook and tablet computers, has introduced the newest member to its line of cost-effecti...

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Narus, a leader in real-time traffic intelligence for protecting governments, service providers and enterprises, just completed its 2010 annual cyber security survey focusing on the United States. Sponsored jointly with Converge Network Digest and Government Secuirty News, the survey queried a cross-section of security professionals in a variety of industries, and revealed compelling details relating to cyber security concerns, opinons and expectations for protection against attacks. More...